School Year in Review

Hello all!

This past school year was kinda crazy! I’m pretty sure I wrote about this, but I switched to a public school during the second semester of my freshman year. The transition was really crazy and scary. Now that my sophomore year is almost over, I have gotten much better at being a public school student!

My schedule for this school year is:

P1 – World History and Geography

P2 – World Lit & Comp

P3 – Algebra 1

P4 – Biology

S5 – Study Hall

S6 – Fitness Yoga 1

S7 – American Sign Language 1

S8 – Geometry

(My school has A and B days so the first four “P”s are one day then the “S”s are the next day)

My schedule actually stayed the same for both semesters! Only thing is the Algebra 1 switched to a T.A. for the same class, so the rooms stayed the same. I even retook the same yoga class so I could get another credit for the same class. I actually really recommend retaking a class (if your school offers to retake classes for credit), especially for gym classes, because then you already know how everything goes, easy credit.

I did have to retake Algebra 1 for the first semester because I was not doing well for the first semester of my freshman year. I was going to an online school and I really needed more 1 on 1 help when it comes to math. If you ever need help with math, ASK YOUR TEACHER. My teachers at my new school are really helpful, but I understand if your teachers aren’t the best.

For Geometry, I have had four teachers this year… FOUR!!! The first one quit, he was a terrible teacher that didn’t really teach just lectured if you know what I mean. Then, the second one was a temporary sub for 8 weeks, he was really old and couldn’t hear when people were talking during tests. He assigned a ton of homework but didn’t teach us how to do it so another mean teacher came in and yelled at us for not doing it. The third had to leave because she didn’t have an actual teaching licence, she was okay but it seemed like she didn’t really know how to teach. Our current teacher is AMAZING! She gives us regular notes and helps us work through things even during tests. Math is so much easier when you have a good teacher!

This year I have all A’s and B’s! These are some of my best grades ever! I have always struggled with school so this is kind of amazing for me. You can do it too if you try hard enough! Take days off if you get too stressed and ask questions if you have them! Also, class group chats really help if you have just absolutely no idea how to do an assignment.

I hope you take some of these tips for yourself!


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Lately, I have been venting through my journal instead of blogs, but blogs seem much more fun! I still want to journal because it’s nice to see how my handwriting and thoughts were when I was younger. Some things you can see better through physical writing than blogs. I guess I will use my journal for just personal stuff.

I feel like this is getting boring.

Anywho, I have recently gotten a job and I really like it so far! Life is going well, and I feel like I actually have things to talk about!

If there is anyone still following this blog, I hope you enjoy these new posts!




Today was a Monday so everything sucked obviously.. XD I’m kidding not EVERYTHING but there were a lot of Monday stuff that happened..

So, where I am there are 40 mph winds!! I KNOW RIGHT it’s CRAZY! So last night I could barely sleep because the wind was super loud and actually shaking my bed! Due to my lack of sleep I was super tired this morning for school. On top of that I slept in also due to lack of sleep and had a short amount of time to get ready.. So I was a couple minutes late for health class which was awkward…

OH and remember those 40 mph winds I was talking about earlier? Yeah.. I could barely walk into the building! I almost got knocked over that’s how strong the winds were!

Anywho, lately I’ve been really into deeeep videos… It’s weird…

Ever heard of Michelle Phan? She was my favorite youtuber but she hasn’t uploaded anything in like 6 months… Sad I know. I should look up what happened to her… XD

Anyways deep videos.. right… I’ve been watching stuff like “How to Build Confidence” and “My Life Story” and stuff like that. I’ve been rewatching Michelle’s videos though.. I really like her “How to De-Stress” video and her makeup tutorials. I guess I’ve been feeling a little more girly lately… So weird XD

Well thanks for reading! It’s nice to share what I’m thinking with… random… strangers…… THANKS ANYWAY! ❤

Bye for now!


New School


Sooo winter break is over… sadness. xD

Buuut school became kind of exciting for me! I actually transferred to a new school this past Wednesday! After being homeschooled since the 6th grade I was very nervous but of course excited at the same time! 😉

School is something everyone hates so I know like WHY WOULD I EVER WANT TO TRANSFER TO PUBLIC SCHOOL?! Well I really wanted the “high school experience” because making friends is tough when you’re homeschooled… (obviously) plus they feed you every day (and call me crazy but I looove school food xD)!

My first day was actually GREAT!! My school has what we call purple days and silver days where it’s different classes on both days. My first day was purple so I had “guided study hall” first period. The teacher is soooo nice and super chill. We literally sat there and did nothing because it’s the first day of school! What are we supposed to do?? XD

Then second period I have the same teacher for Earth Science and it was awesome because again I love the teacher. We did get to know you stuff most of the time.

I would love to go on but I’ll save it tomorrow because this IS a Sunday night and I should probably get ready for bed… Riding the bus for the first time tomorrow! Wish me luck! 0-0

Bye for now! ❤




Soooo me and my family went to Utah but that’s worth a WHOLE blog post so if you want to hear about it let me know and I’ll post a little somethin somethin about it!

Desperation is coming up! And I am SO EXCITED! It’s going to be SOOO much fun!!! I’ve watched the promo video and teaser videos MANY times and I am so hyped!

I plan on getting closer with some friends this summer and I have so far! I’m really shy so it’s hard to make friends… Online as Mouster I am a COMPLETELY different person! I am very outgoing and can keep a conversation going but when I’m Alyssa.. I would rather keep my distance and listen to everyone else’s conversations with the occasional laugh.


Gurrrls if you’re shy try this with me! Try and go outside of your comfort zone a little bit! I’ve started hugging with both arms! That’s pretty big for me! XD This Desperation I am going to LIVE and try to change how I think about things! Make some new friends, go to new places, DANCE IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE!! I am VERY excited!

Who else is shy and is tired of it? Comment below! I’m here with ya! 😉

Why blog?

Every time I start a post, I think to myself, why? Why did I even decide to start a blog? I mean, my life isn’t interesting, I don’t go traveling much, I don’t have some amazing job or hobby. Most days, I spend the whole day inside on my computer on Pinterest or watching Netflix..

Then I thought, that’s WHY I started a blog! To give myself inspiration to live a more exciting life! To be honest, I’m tired of my life, being shy, not ever talking to anyone unless they’re family or they’re online over a Skype call. I want to live life to the fullest because you never know when your story will end! And I want my story to be a good one! 

It’s worked so far I guess! Because on Sunday I signed up to volunteer to be one of the people that wear those big mascot suits for the characters in Adventure in Odyssey at Focus on the Family! I think I’m going to be Connie but I could end up being a dog.. I’m SUPER excited because I used to LOVE Adventures in Odyssey! If you don’t know what Adventures in Odyssey is it’s a christian CD series they’ve made HUNDREDS of episodes, they play them on the radio ad have also made some movies too. At Focus on the Family they have CDs, DVDs, books, t-shirts, water bottles, and a ton of other stuff for Adventures in Odyssey. 

I think it’ll be fun to be a mascot! I love kids and acting silly but now I won’t be embarrassed because I’m hiding behind the suit.. I can’t wait to start! I’ve only just turned in my application though so I won’t know if I got it for SURE for a little while..

I’ll tell you all right after I find out! Wish me luck! ❤


My Work?

So I’ve been using featured images for my posts because I think it looks nice! But, I’ve been getting the pictures off of Google, and I would rather use my own work.

I think I may buy some new clothes and makeup and stuff and go somewhere with my dad/sister to take some pictures. I enjoy that kind of stuff to be honest but I never do photoshoots because I feel like I don’t really have “the look” to make the pictures good.. haha

I may go shopping tomorrow so expect new pictures soon! I may make a new page to display all of them in one place, but I’ll be using them for featured images too.

Let me know themes you like for photoshoots and stuff!

Family Time

So, these past couple of weeks, my family (by family I mean my grandparents on my mom’s side, two aunts, one uncle, a cousin and her friend, my brother and his wife, my niece, and my nephew) all came to visit for my older sister’s graduation!

We spent most of the time doing touristy things (not even sure if touristy is a word xD). We went to several tourist spots in our state (not going to say which spots).

The ceremony was really nice, but it was boring since every parent did a speech for the 40 something students.. I teared up a bit seeing my big sister, my role model, up there in her cap and gown, looking like a real woman. I may tease her every day about pretty much everything, but I really do love her. ❤

Most of the time it’s just me and my younger sister in the house because everyone else in the family works all week. So, it was really great having more people in the house. Everyone has left except for my grandparents (Nana and Poppaw) they drove so they decided to get here early and leave late.

Tonight, my Poppaw made his family famous chicken stew. It’s awesome having homecooked meals again, since as I said earlier everyone works, so most of the time everyone gets home too late to cook or are too cranky/tired.

Did any of your siblings or relatives graduate this year? Comment below!

❤ ❤ ❤

New PC!

I am SO excited!

As some of you may know I LOVE gaming! (I’m not an “extreme” gamer.. not yet at least xD I only play about 5 games…) BUT my laptop is TERRIBLE it was meant for work stuff! NOT gaming! It makes everything SUPER laggy and pretty much impossible to play on…

So, I have been saving up for a new PC! The one I wanted was 600 including tax so it would have taken me a while to save up for.. BUT my dad told me that since I have been trying for about a year now to get my own PC he would just BUY it for me and I could work it off! (In chores that is..) So, on my desk RIGHT NOW is my new CybertronPC Patriot PC!!!

I have never been so happy about a gift in FOREVER! I definitely owe him! Because that was a LOT of money to just say he will lend me! Dad, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Are any of you gamers? Or maybe you just have a super COOL pc? Comment below your thoughts! What do you think of gamers? (I won’t be offended haha)

Btw, the computer in the picture is NOT mine!


So the 13th was my younger sister’s birthday!

On the actual day of her birth we went to cracker barrel and we all pretty much got breakfast for dinner (I got pancakes and bacon, it was amazing :D) then we went to target and got a cake and pretty much ate cake and watched movies for the rest of the night.. xD

Today we went to the American Girl store in Denver so she got a doll and stuff and we ate in the food court. (I got Panda Express and again amazing :>)

I am hoping to do some fun stuff this summer, so hopefully I will have more INTERESTING stuff to post xD

Let me know what you’re up to in the comments down below!